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California drunk driving laws re preliminary alcohol screening

Getting pulled over by a California police officer definitely would rank high on most lists of "things that can ruin someone's day." In fact, such situations have been known to escalate into situations that can threaten a person's career, marriage or life, in general. This is particularly true when a traffic stop results in drunk driving charges.  

How Accurate Are Breathalyzers?

When a person is pulled over by police and an officer suspects they are driving under the influence of alcohol, the officer conducts a breathalyzer test. The driver blows into a device which then gives a reading estimating blood-alcohol content by measuring the alcohol in the individual's breath. This evidence is then used in the drunk driving charges against an individual if they are over the legal limit.

Drunk driving charges don't always lead to conviction

Getting pulled over on the way home from a night out with friends in California can be a nerve-racking experience. A police officer may mention excessive driving speed, a non-functioning tail light or some other vehicle infraction before writing a ticket. If the officer asks the driver to step out of the vehicle, it is likely that he or she suspects drunk driving.


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